New Update (version 1.3)

The world is full of beautiful colors, so is MyAgeToday! Now you can choose between eight colors including the original purple. You can also change the theme of the app between light and dark. Check the Settings. Remember to update and choose your favourite color!...

New Update (version 1.2)

New update available for MyAgeToday. This update includes some minor bug fixes, support for iPads, minor fixes to user interface and updated launch screen. Make sure to update your app for better user experience. Have fun calculating your age!

Update coming soon (version 1.1)

The MyAgeToday app has now been available for few days. Check it out from the App Store and calculate your age when ever you want. There is a small update coming soon with few bug fixes and a button for rating the app. Please rate the app and share it with your...

Coming soon

The development of the app has finally come to a point where the app has been sent to Apple for a review. If all goes well, the MyAgeToday app will be soon available at the AppStore. This blog might or might not be updated when the app will be available. Stay tuned!...